Minelab’s multi-frequency BBS technology, housed in a rugged platform, makes the EXCALIBUR II the best deep diving underwater treasure detector available. 


  • Waterproof - Waterproof up to 200ft (66m).
  • Quality Design - High Visibility fluorescent bodywork and skidplate. Slimline 10" coil for reduced weight and improved balance.
  • BBS & RCB Technology - BBS: 1.5 kHz — 25.5 kHz. RCB: amplifies weak target signals inside the coil, reducing noise and boosting faint, deep objects.
  • Rechargeable Battery - NiMH Rechargeable battery pack for operation up to 12 hours.


  • 10 Skidplate, Yellow
  • Battery Holder
  • NIMH Battery
  • Charger Adaptor, Ikelite
  • Excalibur II Car Charger
  • Batteery Charger, Excalibur

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